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Services bridging you to a successful recovery

Patients and seniors who were once injured, underwent surgery, or are experiencing the effects of aging have different and specific rehabilitation needs. Our entire rehabilitation team is dedicated to creating individualized therapy programs to address or manage these needs and encourage them to achieve their maximum function, independence, and ability. Tulia Health & Rehab’s focus is to ensure that their recuperation will be as smooth as possible.

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists address conditions that cause pain and affect our patients’ ability to perform their activities of daily living or participate in recreational or sports activities after suffering from an illness, going out from a surgery, or being hospitalized with programs for their optimal health outcome that include:

  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Postural assessments
  • Graston technique
  • Running and Gait analysis
  • Sports test and assessment

Occupational Therapy
Our occupational therapists help patients and seniors under our care to adapt to social and physical environments through specialized therapies designed for memory and coordination training and more.

Speech Therapy
Our speech pathologists address communication issues and swallowing dysfunction experienced by patients and seniors through treatment plans that will help with their language ability, provide them with alternate communication strategies, and even give them appropriate diet recommendations.

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